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We have decided to retire and enjoy to property for our own use.  Thank you for your support!

Hunting in the early morning

Eastern Kentucky Whitetail Deer & Turkey Hunting

We provide whitetail deer and turkey hunts on Farmers Ridge in Eastern Kentucky.  We purchased our first tract of heavily wooded property in February 2009 known locally for excellent whitetail deer and turkey hunting.  Additional tracts bordering the property were purchased shortly after. Our Property is within the confines of the legendary Boone and Crochet National forest, some of it bordering rarely hunted federal property. We continue to add prime acreage that meets our standards as it becomes available. As recent as 2020 we were fortunate enough to partner with an adjacent land owner that acquired a very nice large tract. The property is not only well setup and isolated, but has also been well managed for quality whitetail deer and turkey hunting. 

 We immediately started working with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to create a strong plan to continue the development of our property for whitetail deer and turkey hunting. The ongoing plan includes habitat enrichment, improved forage development and predator control. In Addition, We Are Working With KDFWR To Establish Improved Habitat For Other Wildlife Such As Grouse, Quail And Dove. 

We have severely limited the hunting pressure or not allowed any hunting at all since purchasing our first property. We have an excellent population of whitetail deer and turkey and as a result we can provide some of the best hunting in eastern Kentucky. KDFWR provides harvest data and guidance to ensure our whitetail deer and turkey populations continue to improve.

So, for more information on the best in Eastern Kentucky hunting please visit our Pick Your Hunt  page  to see the Season Dates  and the  Booking Availability calendars.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting

We will always strive to accommodate your favorite hunt style.  Your stand choice, ladder, tripod, box blind, just pick a tree to lean against or bring your own if that’s your preference. All our hunts are semi-guided, but once we provide a tour of your hunting area and our pick for hot spots you’re on your own to hunt your way. Of course we will always be available.  We’ll work with you or stay out of the way. Your call!
2020 Turkeys

Turkey Hunting

If your preference is run and gun, setting quiet in a strategically placed blind or waiting on fly down and moving in close to call one in to your portable setup, our turkey population just keeps getting better year after year so, you can count on bagging a nice bird. Bring your favorite calls and portable blinds, so you can call in a long beard for a hunt you will remember for years to come. We think you’ll get hooked and come back year after year!

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It’s Not Our Passion – Its Our Life

We love sitting in a stand waiting on the first signs that daylight is starting to creep into the darkness, the sounds that early morning brings as wildlife begins anticipating a new day is dawning.  Watching birds and squirrels and all sorts of wildlife going about their business of living.  When you hear the rustling of leaves or twigs cracking indicating something is approaching and your heart starts racing, well there’s just nothing like it.

We’ve hunted nearly every state east of the Mississippi.  Hunting has been a passion for so much of our lives, I guess you could say it’s a lifetime obsession.  Our love of the hunt far exceeds just our passion for the outdoors or the harvest.  We get just as much excitement when our guests have a successful hunt, as we do for our very own hunts.