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The calendar below provides hunt season dates. When they start and when they end and it is automatically updated when the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife updates season hunting information each year. This should provide a useful method for you to verify the dates for your hunt choices you would like to hunt before you go to our online booking page to book a hunt. Of course you are always welcome to call us.

Please be aware that if we are out on the property we don’t always have cell service so, there is a chance we will not be able to take your call. In that case please leave us a voice mail and we will return your cal as soon as possible usually very soon, but we will make every effort to call you back within 24 hours.  In very rare occasions technology lets us down and we do not receive voice mail notification.  If you haven’t received a response with 24 hours please excuse us and call again. We are excited to meet you and hear about your hunt choices. 

Hunt Choices for the 2019 Season

SpeciesWeaponDurationPriceSeason InformationBag Limits
Spring GobblerShotgun3 DayN/AStatewide
April 13 – May 5 Either Sex
Must have a visible beard.
Only 1 bird per day.
Only 2 birds per season.
5 DayBooked
Archery3 DayN/A
5 DayN/A
Spring Gobbler
Youth Hunt
Shotgun3 DayN/AStatewide
April 6 – April 7
Must have a visible beard.
Counts toward season bag limit.
Only 1 bird per day.
Only 2 birds per season.
5 DayN/A
Whitetail DeerArchery3 DayBookedSept. 7 – Jan. 20, 2020 Either Sex
Exceptions – Antlered only:
Nov 9 – Nov 24, Oct 19 -20
1st 6 days of muzzleloader season Dec 14 – Dec 19
1 deer with visible antlers (excluding button bucks) regardless of Zone.
Zone 4 no more than 2 deer total
No more than 1 antlerless deer
Antlerless deer may only be taken:
Archery Season
Crossbow Season
Last 3 days of Dec muzzleloader Season
5 DayBooked
Modern Gun3 DayBookedNov 9 – 24 Antlered Only
5 DayBooked
Muzzleloader3 DayBookedOct 19- 20 Antlered Only
Dec 14 – 19 Antlered Only
Dec 20 – 22 Either Sex
5 DayBooked
Crossbow3 DayBookedSept 21 – Jan 20 Either Sex
Exception – Antlered Only:
Nov, 9 – Nov 24, Oct 19- Oct 20, Dec 14 – Dec 19
5 DayBooked
Fall TurkeyArchery3 DaySept 7, 2019 – Jan 20, 2020 either sexNo more than 4 birds
Only 2 with shotgun
Only 1 bearded 3 inches or longer
Only 1 bird per day
5 Day
Crossbow3 DayOct 1 – Oct 20, Nov 9 – Nov 31 Either Sex
5 Day
Shotgun3 DayOct 26 – Nov 1, Dec 7 – Dec 13 Either Sex
5 Day
CoyoteWeapon of ChoiceYear RoundNo bag limit
Shotgun OnlyFeb 1 – May 31After daylight hours with light or night vision.
No Slugs
SpeciesWeaponDurationPriceSeason InformationBag Limits

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