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Below you will see a short description of the whitetail deer, turkey and coyote hunts we provide. We may not be fancy, but if you are looking for individual attention on your whitetail deer or turkey hunt we can provide that. With a coyote hunt thrown in, in case you complete your hunt and have time remaining. Check out our photo gallery of the whitetail deer, turkeys, coyotes, fox and bobcats captured posing for our trail cameras.

Fighting Bucks

Whitetail Deer Hunting

We can accommodate most types of whitetail deer hunts for you. We have box blinds that can be heated if needed, ladder stands, tripod stands, or bring your climbing stands if that is your preference for hunting. Our prices include semi-guided hunts. There are minimum rack size standards.

Nice gobbler

Turkey Hunting

We have a very large turkey population that just keeps getting better year after year. Bring your favorite calls and portable blinds and call in a long beard for a hunt you will remember for years to come. We think you’ll get hooked and be back year after year. We have both spring and fall hunts available.

Coyote coming at ya!

Coyote Hunting

Coyotes can be very challenging to hunt and lots of fun too! We are not over run with coyotes, because we continually manage the population. This allows us to offer coyote hunts as an add-on hunt to any of our other hunts.

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