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About Our Team

As brothers we have enjoyed the great outdoors, hunting and scouting various whitetail deer and turkey woods all our lives as a team. Our greatest dream has been to share our passion of hunting with other folks by becoming an outfitter somewhere we could offer a variety of hunts. The team has tromped through various properties throughout the eastern and Midwest states. After many years of searching we found property in Kentucky which we felt was ideal, with whitetail deer, turkey and even elk in the area.

We purchased our first property February 2009 and since then we have added several adjacent tracts as property became available. Recently acquired hunting privileges on another large tract also connected to our property.  Our immediate goal was to further enhance the property for premium whitetail deer and turkey hunting. To accomplish our goal we enlisted the aid of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and The Kentucky Department of Agriculture to assist us by making recommendations for sound habitat improvement decisions to enrich the overall property and to reintroduce other native game species. 

As our team approached retirement age, we realized the dream was taking shape. By developing a supplemental year around feeding and vital nutrients program and adding strategically located both spring and fall food plots our  dreams are turning into a reality.

Constantly monitoring trail cameras, and drone video footage has aided in the placement of portable box blinds, ladder stands and tripods in locations though out the property, which take advantage of the food plots, topology and wildlife travel patterns. We are passionate about creating a memorable hunting experience for our guests.

The team is doing our after retirement gig, doing our best to build an awesome hunting environment, tromping through our very own property, enjoying the great outdoors, meeting folks that have our kind of passion and living ‘the good life.’ Reminds me of the sayin’, Folks it don’t get any better than this!



Don and I have traveled the eastern and mid-western United States hunting trophy whitetails most of our lives chasing an obsession. We searched prime whitetail deer states for years for ideal property to fulfill our another life long dream, to build a place for memorable hunts for others with the passion.



Hunting, for Richard and I, has always been far more than just a passion, it’s been a lifelong obsession. As we neared retirement age that obsession turned into a dream to find the ideal property to build a place where we could provide for others to have memorable hunts and full fill their obsession. 

It's a Family Tradition

Our Definition of the Good Life

What some folks call hunting and fishing we call the ‘Good Life’.  How do you label the experiences obtained with family and friends in the great outdoors?  Sitting in a stand, enjoying a crisp morning, waiting for that buck of a lifetime, leaning against a tree calling in that big ole gobbler or just easing through the woods you suddenly hear the bugle of an elk, then telling about it back at camp, anything other than the “Good Life”?

“Make Hunting a Family Tradition.”