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How to find available hunt dates

Please use the booking availability calendar below to pick your hunt from available whitetail deer hunting or turkey hunting dates. We will make every effort to update the calendar immediately when hunts are booked. Please call if you prefer, we can provide additional information or if you want to verify your dates and book at the same time. 

We have two properties that are in close proximity and typically only book four hunters on each property at the time, which allows us to provide personal service to each hunter. 

If the Booking Availability Calendar does not indicate dates are booked both properties are available. If a property is booked the Booking Availability Calendar will indicate which property is booked. If both properties are booked we cannot accept additional bookings for those dates. 

Please call to verify your selected hunting dates are still available. If we are out on the property, we don’t always have access to cell service so, please leave us a voice-mail and we will call you back as soon as possible. 

Please visit Our Hunts page for available hunt types and our Prices and License page for pricing and license information.



Please see the Calendar below for Season Dates

Season dates are automatically updated as KDFWR posts new dates on their website.